The Well of My Mind

A short poem about letting go and just being at peace for a moment.

There is a well –in wooded grove–

Where oft’ I stumble in my mind.

There my soul is free to move

Among my thoughts, where dreams I find.

My worries –tossed down to the pit–

Are lost when by that well I sit,

And I may drink a moment’s bliss

And flee from life’s insidious hiss.

-Michael Sweeney (The Cave Tro11)



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9 responses to “The Well of My Mind

  1. That’s nice, good work. I love venturing into my mind.. kinda what the title reminds me of 🙂

    • Michael Sweeney

      Thanks, introspection and meditation help me come up with a lot of ideas about the world. I’m glad others feel the same way!

      • Meditation is also a big part of my life. It also helps me see the world for what it is. And it also breaks the wall of ego, witch is the only way to go back to your inner self. It’s the only way I can achieve altered consciousness without drugs as well. I had to quit somehow, but I didn’t exactly want to resort to alcohol, so I chose meditation, as it is harmless to your body and altered states occur naturally as you go deeper! Win-win for me. I’ve always been spiritual, as I can tell you kind of are aswell

    • Michael Sweeney

      It is a great way to escape, and I am glad it helped you to quit drugs. Addiction can be a challenging enemy to defeat, and I am happy to hear you are turning to healthier ways of knowing yourself and the universe. I tried some shamanic meditation which involves altered consciousness, so I have also seen what you are talking about. There are a lot of interesting books on the subject out there.

    • Michael Sweeney

      One I enjoyed was “By Oak, Ash, and Thorn” by DJ Conway. If you can get past a lot of the weird language, it does give a good overall guide to this type of meditation. I don’t take these things too literally, I see them more as guided thinking (like organized daydreaming) than as “out of body experiences” like the authors do, but this book is still an interesting read. It really helps with taking your mind off of other things and focusing on personal development.

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