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Rain Poem

The poetry of rainy evenings and lo mein boxes.

An iron sheet of heaven’s malice beats
The face of this, my forgotten city.
Night children, aimless, seek absolution
From sins they did not know they had performed—
Neon confessionals and liquor store
Priests hear stoned apologies for nothing.
That unholy shower washes away
These souls which find salvation in a bottle.

-Michael Sweeney



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Control is fleeting

Life does what it wants to do

We are passengers

-Michael Sweeney (The Cave Troll)



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An Ode to Seasons’ Passing

A short Keatsian Ode inspired by nostalgic feelings as another year draws into Autumn.

You chilling choke on Summer’s lazy haze,

You marching herald of death’s universal scourge,

I both love and dread these inevitable Autumn days

Which slowly crush all youthful urge.

But does not Autumn bring

Beauty in the turning of the leaves?

Though changes swiftly come to strike,

The Summer’s exploits do yet sing.

Perhaps Summer and Autumn find ground alike,

For may not the glory of life shine most at death’s eve?


The seasons change with passing ease,

Our dwindling lives of little note

To eternal forces guiding these,

As we traverse life’s widening moat.

As Autumn glows in Summer’s splendid light,

Might our passing years not also bask

In tearful gaze upon years long past?

I awaken each morn in a terrible fright

To see another day has seen its last,

But memory’s light makes the new day an easier task.

                                                                -Michael Sweeney (The Cave Troll)


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